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Cleaning Tricks from our 1-800 WATER DAMAGE Super-Moms

1-800 WATER DAMAGE | Cleaning Tricks

Whether handed down through generations or learned from practice, every mother has her own tried-and-true techniques for keeping the house clean. In celebration of Mother’s Day, we asked some of our moms for their best cleaning tricks around the home. Here’s what they had to say!

Vinegar + H₂0: A Trusty Sidekick.

Every mom knows tough stains from mud and grass can wreak havoc on carpets and upholstery. Our secret cleaning trick involves using two natural, everyday household items to remove these stubborn spots. Applying the simple concoction of warm water and vinegar directly to a stain and gently blotting will work wonders.

Dryer Sheets’ Secret Powers.

Not only do these magical cloths add a fresh scent to laundry, dryer sheets can also be used to block bad odors caused by smelly items like shoes and trash cans. You can also reach for dryer sheets to wipe down the dust and dirt that collects on the baseboards and window trim throughout your home.

Oil: Its Own Worst Enemy.

Although great for cooking your family’s favorite dishes, oil is a vicious liquid that can easily splatter, causing tough grease stains in your kitchen. Luckily, oil is also self-destructive. A drop of vegetable oil on a clean towel will remove pesky kitchen grease spots on your stovetop and kitchen cabinets in no time.

Lemon Weapon.

Rather than using harsh chemicals that may be harmful to your family, freshly cut lemons can serve as an all-purpose kitchen cleaner. A natural stain-fighter, lemons can cleanse frequently-used small appliances like microwaves and blenders. Cut in half lemons will also lift hard-to-clean spots on cutting boards and breakdown grimy water stains from faucets.

This Mother’s Day, impress and de-stress the mom(s) in your life by using these quick and easy household cleaning tricks from the Super-Moms of 1-800 WATER DAMAGE®!

Know a trick we didn’t mention? Share your own Super-Mom’s cleaning tricks with us in the comments section below! Or, for more cleaning tips, contact your local 1-800 WATER DAMAGE®

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