• Mud damage.
  • Stains.
  • Mold.
  • Fire damage.
  • Extreme weather.

August Class Graduation - Welcome Justin, Paul, and Ian!

We would like to welcome our new owner and managing operators to the 1-800 WATER DAMAGE network!

undefinedPlease meet Justin Aldridge, owner of 1-800 WATER DAMAGE of South Jacksonville.

Justin was introduced to the 1-800 WATER DAMAGE brand through a franchise broker. Justin considered several other companies, but the professionalism displayed by everyone on the team, led him to conclude 1-800 WATER DAMAGE was the perfect fit. The strong reputation and backing from BELFOR also stood out to Justin leading up to his final decision.

Justin will be serving South Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding areas. His goal is to build awareness and make 1-800 WATER DAMAGE the go-to property restoration company in the area.

Justin is happily married to his wife, Allison, and has three dogs; two American Bulldogs and one Chihuahua. Justin and Allison are also in the process of adopting a boy named Dusty from the foster care system. Outside of work, he enjoys riding dirt bikes or playing golf. Justin also loves to watch baseball, preferably the Los Angeles Dodgers, and is an avid fan of Florida State Seminoles college football.

Justin can be reached at justin.aldridge@1800waterdamage.com or by phone at (904) 329-1292.

undefinedPlease meet Paul Patrikian, managing operator of 1-800 WATER DAMAGE of Pasadena

Paul was looking to start a franchise close to his home near Pasadena, CA. During his research, Paul discovered several things that made the 1-800 WATER DAMAGE brand stand out. The advanced training and state-of-the-art training facility immediately captured Paul's interest. In addition, the backing of an industry leader like BELFOR, gave Paul great confidence that this was the perfect opportunity for him.

As managing operator of the new 1-800 WATER DAMAGE of Pasadena location, Paul is eager to focus on continued growth and expansion of his business. His main goal is to achieve higher gross sales year after year, while continuing to expand and capture more market share. He also plans to provide superior customer service by ensuring his team members are all properly trained.

Paul and his wife, Mariam, have been married nearly two years and currently reside in Azusa, CA. They do not currently have any children or pets but he hopes that changes in the future. When he's not busy with work, Paul enjoys many activities including hiking, playing basketball, and working out at the gym.

Paul can be reached at paul.patrikian@1800waterdamage.com or by phone at (626) 714-1455.

undefinedPlease meet Ian Brandt, managing operator of 1-800 WATER DAMAGE of Hamilton.

A big congratulations to Ian Brandt for becoming our first managing operator in Canada. Ian considered many factors when searching for the right franchise business to run. The major factors that led him to join 1-800 WATER DAMAGE were the superb company culture, being able to help people, and being part of a company focused on growth. The proven support and integrity of the home office, plus the backing of BELFOR, quickly provided Ian with comfort and confidence in the 1-800 WATER DAMAGE brand.

Ian will be growing his business and building brand awareness in Hamilton, Ontario (near Toronto) and the surrounding areas. His long term plan is to expand his footprint and eventually open multiple 1-800 WATER DAMAGE locations according to need and opportunity.

Ian and his wife, Amy, have been married for seven years. They have a two year old daughter named Artessa and a cat named Oreo. Ian has several hobbies he enjoys outside of work including golf, curling, and cooking.

Ian can be reached at ian.brandt@1800waterdamage.com or by phone at (905) 450-2495.

Please join us in welcoming our newest members to the 1-800 WATER DAMAGE family!