Restoring What Matters Most

Orlando Water Damage Restoration Services

Removing Water the Easy Way

After water floods your property, you have to get rid of it and quickly. 1-800 WATER DAMAGE of Central Orlando wastes no time in getting to work to remove excess and standing water. Once that step is done, our team will already be prepared to start with our water damage restoration methods. It is all part of our focus on customer service. By treating your home as if it were our own, we can ensure you get the best water damage restoration services possible, restoring your property in less time than you think.

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Minimizing Water Damage While We’re On the Way

Our water damage restoration professionals are famous throughout Orlando for showing up rapidly after receiving a call from a customer in need. However, water damage also acts quickly, soaking into your flooring, furniture, and so on. While we are on the way to rescue you and your home, there are a few things you can do to minimize the extent of the water damage.

Follow these five steps to mitigate water damage after a flood or plumbing crisis:

  • Turn off the water main: If you know how to do it yourself, locate your water main and shut it off. You can usually find the water main close to your home, rather than an isolated spot in your yard. It may even be located in your garage.
  • Unplug electrical devices: If it is safe to do so, unplug any electrical devices at risk of coming into contact with water. If water flows into an outlet, it could pose a severe electrocution hazard, cause extensive electrical system damage, or both.
  • Open the windows: Shut off your HVAC system and open all of your windows. Your heating and cooling system could become contaminated if it cycles while your home is flooded. Opening the windows creates airflow naturally, though.
  • Hang up upholstery: Grab any curtains, rugs, and cushions you can that have been soaked and find a spot to hang them up, like a clothesline outside. Such items can take a while to dry, so hanging them up sooner than later is best.
  • Mop up excess water: Grab a mop and bucket and start removing as much water as you can without overexerting yourself. You can also use a high-power wet-dry vacuum with a large collection drum to suck up excess water with ease.

Following these few steps can help shrink the extent of water damage. Once our professionals arrive, you can rest, letting us take over.

Our Water Damage Restoration Services Include

Equipped with top-tier gear, our technicians at 1-800 WATER DAMAGE of Central Orlando are ready to handle all aspects of a water removal project. We have powerful extractors and dehumidifiers, for example. We even have advanced tools that can read and report the amount of water in the air. They all come in handy when paired with our industry experience, making our professionals truly the team to call first when you need help.

For flood damage or flooding caused by a burst pipe, we offer:

  • Water removal and extraction: This is the first step of the process, which involves getting all of the unwelcome water out of your house. Extraction in specific refers to removing water that has soaked into your carpets, flooring, upholstery, etc.
  • Restoration: After flood water is removed from your property, things won’t be like they were before. That’s where restoration becomes important. During this step, we can help bring your property back to normal through a variety of methods, like tearing up damaged carpeting to be replaced with new sections.

Don’t forget: We’re professionals when it comes to water damage restoration. All of our processes and services are guaranteed to be up-to-code and effective. We are totally committed to restoring your home and comfort.

Please call (407) 250-7601 the moment you need our help. We answer the phone around-the-clock.

Restoring What Matters Most

1-800 Water Damage is the trusted name in restoration services.

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