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Flood Damage Restoration Services in Oklahoma City

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Has a flash flood or gradual flooding caused by a heavy rainstorm damaged your home? Don’t try to handle it yourself. Not only DIY-ing flood restoration ineffective, but it can also be highly dangerous.

To restore your home the right way, count on 1-800 WATER DAMAGE and our Oklahoma City flood damage restoration experts. Our team is comprised entirely of industry professionals who we have fully vetted, background checked, and trained. They bring top-grade equipment, tools, and technology to each job, allowing them to quickly assess your property, create a flood restoration plan, and get right to work. When it comes to undoing the damage of a flood, we don’t take any chances, and neither should you.

Call a flood restoration team with real experience. Dial (405) 331-6558 now.

How We Restore Your Home After a Flood

Oklahoma City is located in Tornado Alley, which means it is no stranger to dangerous and heavy weather. Meteorologists mark the months of March through June as the “severe weather season” for the region. For so many homeowners in Oklahoma City, it is, unfortunately, a question of when the rough weather will flood their homes.

If you have been through extreme weather and now your home is feeling the worst of it with flooding on its lower floors, 1-800 WATER DAMAGE of Oklahoma City wants to help. It is our mission to bring highly effective flood damage restoration services to our local community at truly competitive prices.

Our restoration techniques can take care of:

  • Wall and floor cracks
  • Oversaturated drywall
  • Foundation damage
  • Standing water and wastewater
  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Carpet and upholstery damage

We know that you need your house to feel like your home again after a flood moves through the area. You might not even be allowed to enter your home until the damage is addressed and restored. To show you that we really do care about your family and your wellbeing, we always work with a genuine sense of urgency and carefully plan how to complete your flood restoration service in as little time as possible. Getting you back home sooner than later is our goal.

Staying Safe After a Flood

Following a flood that inundates your home, you will want to get us on the phone without delay. You might also be tempted to reenter your home right away to see what happened. While this is understandable, it could put you in severe danger if you aren’t cautious.

Follow these steps after a flood to start getting things back to normal:

  1. Be extremely cautious: You should not attempt to reenter a flooded room or home unless you know it is safe to do so. Floodwater can conceal dangerous materials, like stray debris and metal shrapnel. It can also be hazardous to your skin if any chemicals have mixed with the floodwater. There is also the chance that electricity is coursing through standing water due to an electrical fault or flooded outlet. You should first get in contact with local emergency services to ensure it is safe to enter your property. When in doubt, relocate to a safe location like a hotel and wait for the floodwaters to recede.
  2. Call for our services: When you do have a chance to reenter your flooded property, you should call (405) 331-6558 right away. The sooner our crew can come to your property, the sooner we can assess the situation and make a restoration plan. Waiting too long to let us work will only jeopardize more of your property.
  3. Protect irreplaceable items: At 1-800 WATER DAMAGE of Oklahoma City, we take pride in being able to show up to a client’s home quickly, sometimes within an hour of the first call. While we are en route to inspect your home, see if it is safe to collect and protect items you cannot replace, like critical documents and photo albums. Put what you can collect into waterproof containers and store them well above the water level or off the floor if floodwaters have fully receded.
  4. Photograph as much as you can: Your insurance company will need to know what happened to your property. Before we arrive to restore your home – or while we tour the property to inspect the damage – photograph any signs of damage you see. The more you can show your insurance company, the more valid your claim for an insurance payout becomes. We have been in the industry for a long time, so we can even help point out things you should photograph if you aren’t sure.

When There’s No Time to Lose, Count On Us

The key to a successful flood damage restoration project is taking care of everything quickly. After a flood inundates your Oklahoma City home, please do not hesitate to reach out to the experts at 1-800 WATER DAMAGE for help. We waste no time when getting rid of floodwaters and restoring water damage, but we never rush the quality of our work. Our team is ready to exceed your expectations and restore what matters most to you and your family.

Schedule a consultation with our flood damage restoration pros by dialing (405) 331-6558.

Restoring What Matters Most

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