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Oklahoma City Water Leak Detection

Locating & Repairing Hidden Leaks

A leak in your home’s plumbing system needs to be repaired as soon as possible. Bigger problems arise, though, when the leak cannot easily be found. You might notice the signs of a leak but not know where it originates, meaning the leak will keep causing issues for as long as it remains unchecked.

Stop letting a sneaky leak ruin your plumbing and keep you up at night with constant drips behind the walls or under the floorboards! Start letting 1-800 WATER DAMAGE of Oklahoma City take care of it with our professional water leak detection services. Using our advanced industry experience and equipment, we can locate any leak in a hurry and come up with an effective plan to fix it.

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Dial (405) 331-6558 today to learn more about our water leak detection services available throughout Oklahoma City.

How to Find a Plumbing Leak

Leaks will not always be obvious. Many of them are hidden completely out of sight, where pipework runs through your home. In many instances, identifying a leak is less about actually seeing a leak and more about seeing or noticing the other signs of a leak. If you have a plumbing leak in Oklahoma City, there are a few ways you can detect it before calling in an expert.

Telltale signs there is a leak in your home’s plumbing include:

  • Greener grass: If there are patches of greener grass in your yard, this could indicate you have a plumbing leak. Your plumbing system is located underneath your house and yard. Any leakage of water or sewage will benefit your lawn by providing additional moisture and nutrients. If you notice part of your lawn looking healthier than normal, you could have a plumbing leak in Oklahoma City.
  • Increased water bills: You probably know what the average water bill for your household looks like in any given month. Oftentimes, water utility companies will charge a set rate per month based on the size of your household. If your water bill suddenly spikes but you can’t think of any clear reason why, then the answer could be an unseen leak.
  • Staining: As the water slowly leaks and soaks into the walls, flooring, and woodwork, it can start to discolor everything it touches. Gradually forming brown stains are clear giveaways that water is leaking somewhere nearby.
  • Mold growth: Black spots and fuzzy growths are also strong indicators of a water leak. Please be careful if you locate mold growth in your home, as it could be toxic if accidentally inhaled or ingested. You should call us at (405) 331-6558 to let us know what you found, as our mold remediation services could be necessary.
  • Bubbling paint: If a water leak is located close to the wall, the water can soak through to the paint. Rather than discoloring it, though, the water might swell under the paint, pushing it outwards until it forms little bubbles.
  • Dripping sounds: During the day when everyone is active, hearing the subtle sound of a leak might be impossible. When you are lying down for sleep and the house is quiet, though, drips become much more apparent. If a steady dripping sound is robbing you of shuteye, then it is time to schedule a leak detection service from 1-800 WATER DAMAGE of Oklahoma City.
  • Musty odor: Water left to soak into the woodwork or foundation of your home can become stale and trigger mildew growth. As the problem worsens, a musty odor will gradually get stronger, especially in the same room as the leak.

Technology Helps Locate Water Leaks

At 1-800 WATER DAMAGE, we have equipped our Oklahoma City water leak detection experts with leading leak detection technology. With this equipment in hand, we can find any pesky leak hidden in your home’s plumbing, so we can stop it sooner than later.

Two advanced technologies to find a water leak include:

  • Listening discs: A steady leak makes noise, even if it is almost imperceptible to the human ear. Using listening discs or ground microphones, we can amplify the sounds of a leak while scanning around your property.
  • Snake cams: In some situations, a snake camera we use to check for clogs can also be used to find a leak in case sound detection methods fail.

Checking the water pressure around your home can also be used to pinpoint a leak. Typically, though, a listening disc is all our technicians need to use. We are highly trained in the proper use of this equipment, so no leak can hide from our professionals.

Schedule a water leak detection service in Oklahoma City by calling (405) 331-6558 now.

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