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The Mold Harboring Regions in Your Home

If you notice moist, fuzzy patches in various humid areas of your home, you might be in for some mold remediation. These fungal pathogens are never safe!

The appearance of mold in various humid and unventilated spaces in your home should never be perceived as a benign occurrence. If you have concerns regarding mold or mildew in your home, you may have a hidden leak, causing the mold infestation to prosper.

1-800 WATER DAMAGE of Harrisburg, PA has certified technicians to remove organic and bio-hazardous waste and specialize in water damage restoration. Here are a few tips for locating mold-infested spaces.

What Is Mold?

Mold belongs to the same family as fungus and mushrooms, except it tends to be much smaller and looks like fuzzy patches to the human eye. Mold also disperses spores as a means to reproduce. These spores are airborne and typically thrive and grow in dark, warm and humid areas – such as our homes. Given the amount of heating Harrisburg, PA residents need these days, mold spores can more easily find a suitable habitat and take root.

Apart from the visual ones, the most obvious sign of mold is the damp and musty scent you may notice in some areas of your home. We advise that you avoid breathing in too much air in those areas and contact a professional.

Areas Harboring Mold in Your Home

The Bathroom

The ceramic tiles, the under-sink cabinets, beneath detached bathtubs, inside vanities or cupboards, and sometimes even the window planes can get affected by mold. If the walls are starting to lose paint and exhibit fuzzy growths, then mold or mildew is likely to spread soon after.

You can spray dilute bleach to stem the spread, but more robust and moss-like growths will need a visit from us.

The Kitchen & Pantry

The kitchen’s communal nature makes it a prime spot for food to get lodged in the nooks and crannies, and the warmth and humidity in the environment enable mold to invade. If you have an ill-ventilated pantry with a damp spot, you can expect mold to grow there as well.

Mold can even colonize your fridge, microwave, ovens, and under-sink cabinet if these areas are not cleaned or allow proper ventilation.

The Crawl Spaces

Attics and crawl spaces are prime locations for not only insect and rodent infestation but also for mold. Leaking roofs and stagnant air are conducive conditions for mold to breed. If there are any windows gathering dust and condensed vapor, that can also trigger an onset of mold infestation. If you opt to encapsulate your crawl spaces, ensure an arrangement for dehumidifying.


Your air-con units have air filters, so there is a lot of dust and condensed water mixing at some point, resulting in a mold bloom. The cleaning is easier said than done, which is why professionals should be dealing with mold and gunk removal from HVAC units. If you suffer from pulmonary allergies, you should avoid DIY cleaning your air-con filters.

Is DIY Mold Removal Feasible?

You can gear up with gloves and antimicrobials to scrub away the mold growths and dispose of any organic matter that has been contaminated as such, but 1-800 WATER DAMAGE of Harrisburg, PA strongly advises that you protect yourself from possible spore inhalation.

The human body is equipped to take on foreign organic contaminants, but some mold varieties, like black mold, can compromise your immune system. Therefore, if your DIY attempts introduce mold into the home’s air duct system, you, your loved ones, and your pets might be in danger.

As ANSI/IICRC certified & trained experts in the matter of mold remediation and critical cleanup of infested residences, 1-800 WATER DAMAGE of Harrisburg, PA strongly suggests that you avoid taking it upon yourself to clear away severe mold infestations. Get in touch with us for more details on our services and submit a service or quote request. We are available for emergency services!

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