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When excess water floods your home or business, mold can form if you don’t dry the area fast enough. Mold thrives in moist, dark areas, and will spread to virtually anywhere on your property. Your carpets, walls, tiles, and more could be completely covered in just 24-48 hours! When left untreated, mold can cause severe damage to your property AND health. If you have or suspect mold growth in your home, call your local mold remediation experts immediately. Our Sacramento area crew will be there in no time to remove the mold and protect your property.

Mold Removal & Remediation

When there’s mold growing in your home or business, you can trust our mold damage restoration specialists to stop the growth, remove the mold, assess the damage, and restore your property. 1-800 WATER DAMAGE is backed by BELFOR, a global leader in property restoration, so you can trust that we have the training and experience necessary to get the job done right. We are a local Sacramento business with the resources of a nationally recognized company.

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The Importance of Managing Mold

Mold does more than damage property – it is extremely hazardous to your health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), mold can negatively impact your health when left untreated. That’s why our Elk Grove mold specialists work hard to quickly and efficiently remove the mold from your home or business. We’ll keep you, your family, and your customers safe by eliminating potential exposure.

 Signs You May Have Mold on Your Property:

  • Dark-colored spots on your walls and floors
  • Strong, musty odors
  • Leaks and humid climates that create moisture problems
  • Aggravated allergy symptoms
  • Excess condensation around your property
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Get Mold Removed Right Away

If you notice or suspect signs of mold growth in your property, don’t hesitate to call 1-800 WATER DAMAGE of Sacramento. Our expert mold removal team will assess the situation and create a personalized mold remediation plan for your home or business. We will safely and effectively remove the mold using S520 guidelines. You’ll have peace of mind knowing 1-800 WATER DAMAGE will clean and protect your property.

Mold Removal Near Sacramento CA

It’s one of the worst things a homeowner can discover — finding mold on the home’s walls. Whether mold growth has occurred over time or has happened quickly after an outside influence, toxic mold can cause breathing issues, allergic reactions and other health concerns in a hurry if it’s left untreated.

Can a House With Mold Be Salvaged?

The good news is that with the right mold cleanup team on the job, a house that’s been infected with black mold can often be salvaged. It will take time to address the issue and find the underlying cause of the mold, but once those steps are taken, you can return to living in your home. 

What Can You Expect During the Mold Remediation Process?

When you have our team come in, we’ll look at the mold infestation and determine the best course of action. In most cases, we’ll need to dispose of any porous items and pull any non-porous items out for cleaning. We’ll also go in with the expectation of dealing with toxic mold. Not all forms of black mold are toxic, but assuming it is and spraying it with biocide are the first steps toward cleaning up the area properly.

Once we’ve removed the mold, we’ll test the indoor air quality to ensure mold particles are no longer present. That’s when we can look at completing the remediation process and figuring out what caused the mold infestation.

Can You Remove Mold Yourself?

Mold can be dangerous and it is not recommended to treat mold in your home or business yourself.  1-800 Water Damage’s certified and trained technicians have the knowledge and expertise needed and will treat your home or facility as their own to ensure a healthy place for everyone.

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1-800 WATER DAMAGE of South Sacramento is committed to excellence and customer service for our clients. We stay in contact and provide an overview of our restoration process from start to finish. Contact us today at 916-837-2651 for all your restoration needs.

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