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Mold Detection Services in Grand Junction 

The first step in most mold removal processes is mold detection services, or an air quality test from a certified Environmental Hygienist. Before a professional company like ours can clean and remove mold, the first thing we have to do is find out what kind of mold we’re dealing with (if any), and create a procedural plan for remediation.

There are too many types of mold in the world to accurately gauge what you’re dealing with without professional tests. This is also an important reason why non-professionals should not attempt mold remediation on their own: they simply don’t know what they’re really dealing with.

Mold remediation can be very hazardous to human health, not only for the person trying to remove it, and not only while they’re trying to remove it. Improper mold remediation work can cause microscopic mold spores to spread over an entire property, potentially resulting in further mold colony growth over time.

You should never feel like you have to take care of a mold problem by yourself. Always trust a professional like 1-800 Water Damage of Western Colorado to handle your mold problem for you. We have connections with Environmental Hygienists, and can handle your mold removal project from start to finish.

Without mold detection services and remediation experts, you’re walking into a mold removal problem, blindfolded.   

Detecting Mold Types 

It is literally impossible to tell which type of mold or microbial growth you’re dealing with just by looking. Also, don’t try to discern mold type by color. Mold colony color is primarily determined by the food source it consumes, and material upon which it grows, not mold type. This means that you can’t say, for example, that a black mold is dangerous, while green mold is not.

Mold spores are tiny—they’re about 1/10th the size of a human hair. That means that you’re only able to see them once they’ve formed a colony. But even when a colony is treated, mold spores can still exist in your home and even in the air. There’s simply no way to tell without professional mold detection services.

You might also think that because Grand Junction has such a dry environment that you don’t have to worry about mold. But, mold grows everywhere — all it needs is moisture, oxygen, and dim lighting. Because drywall and insulation are both food sources for mold, any leak or drip can cause mold colonies to grow in your home.  

Mold Species 

There are at least 12 different types of mold commonly found in homes, but over 100,000 species of mold in our environment – which do sometimes find their way indoors.

Alternaria is a very common kind of mold­—in fact, it’s the most common kind of allergenic mold in the world.

There’s also Acremonium, a mold that’s rarer to find in homes, but far more dangerous. Left untreated, Acremonium can cause serious illnesses and diseases in your bone marrow and internal organs.

There’s also Chaetomium and Cladosporium; Fusarium and Mucor; Penicillium and Trichoderma. And don’t forget about Aspergillus—it alone has 185 different species.

There’s an alphabet soup of different mold types. Without the proper equipment and an air quality test by a certified Environmental Hygienist, it is literally impossible to tell which type of mold you’re working with in your home or property.

You might wonder, “Don’t you deal with all of it the same way, anyway? Who cares what type of mold it is, right – so why spend the money and invest time to get an air quality test?”

In short, the answer is no – not all mold is dealt with in exactly the same way. The urgency of cleaning mold colonies is directly related to the type of mold.

It may not be a huge issue to find a small Alternaria colony in your home, and that may give you a little time to have it professionally removed, so long as the colony doesn’t spread to other parts of the property via rogue spores. However, other mold types are more serious and need to be remediated right away. Without professional mold detection services, it’s impossible to accurately discern the extent of your problem.

Save Yourself Money by Protecting Your Property 

Getting a professional air quality test for your home or property can save you money. For example, without a professional assessment of the mold found in your home, it can be hard for insurance companies to justify mold remediation coverage (as a side note, most companies only offer mold coverage as a separate rider, specifically excluding it from normal homeowners insurance coverage).

When you use professional mold detection services, it gives you something to provide to your insurance company and adjuster that says, “This is a serious problem, and needs to be fixed right away.”

Having documentation can be helpful down the road, as well. Hopefully you’ll never get into a legal battle relating to mold or remediation. But if it ever does happen, having proof of the type and extent of the mold that is (or was) in your home is incredibly important.

Property Damage Resulting from Mold 

Mold colonies can sometimes damage the infrastructure of your home. Mold eats organic materials like wood and fabric, which means that it eats through your property. If mold colonies damage an important part of your home, it can lead to risk of collapse.

Of course, mold growth a slow process, and hopefully never gets that bad. Still, it’s important to know just how risky it is to leave mold untreated for long periods of time.

Mold detection services give restoration companies a baseline to work with when testing your home for mold in the future. It allows those restoration companies to figure out just how much they were able to remove after the cleaning process, and it helps them figure out if there’s anything they missed along the way.

Mold Restoration Services 

At 1-800 Water Damage of Western Colorado, our goal is to make sure you have all the information you need to make sure your home is mold-free. We think it’s important for you to know why we recommend professional mold detection services.

Mold can be incredibly dangerous if you leave it untreated, or treat it incorrectly. It can cause asthma, illness, and even diseases. Nobody should have to worry about mold ruining their homes or their lives. So, whether you have a troubling mold colony in your home, you’re looking to buy a house in Grand Junction or around Colorado’s Western Slope, or you just want to make sure there’s no dangerous mold growing in a hidden corner, call us at 970-712-5298 and ask about our mold detection services. It can make a huge difference in your life.

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