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Preventing Mold Growth Grand Junction

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been giving you some good prevention tips about stopping things like fire or water damage before they ever happen. At 1-800 Water Damage of Western Colorado, one of our biggest goals is making sure that you have peace of mind during uncertain times. And part of helping you keep your peace of mind is making sure that you never lose it in the first place. That’s why today we’re going to talk about preventing mold growth in Grand Junction. No one ever wants to deal with a mold problem. It’s gross, dirty, and most important of all, dangerous for you and your family. The best way to keep mold from harming you or your family is to prevent it from ever growing in the first place.

Dry Wet Areas to Prevent Mold Growth

One of the ways that you can prevent mold growth is by drying any moisture you might find in your home (such as from spilled water, or overflowing toilets, etc.), immediately. Mold grows easily in dark, damp areas, so if you know that an area of your home is wet – like a crawlspace – you should make sure to thoroughly dry it. Otherwise, that wet area is a perfect growing spot for mold colonies.

Drying wet areas doesn’t just mean drying your carpets or affected area, though. Simple steps like airing out your bathroom after a shower can help prevent mold from growing. Even taking wet clothes out of your washing machine can be a good way of preventing mold growth. If there’s heavy rain and you get some through an open window, or water seepage in your basement, make sure to dry it right away. Basements are notorious growing spots for mold, so make sure to dry up all the water you find and ensure that your home is properly ventilated.

While we’re talking about preventing mold growth, Grand Junction is an area that’s prone to it, even though we live in a relatively dry area. Unfortunately, mold grows everywhere, no matter how dry the area you live in. Even the smallest amount of moisture can cause mold growth. That’s why making sure your home is properly ventilated is so important. Even steam from cooking, or from a hot shower, can provide the necessary moisture for a mold colony to grow. This is especially true if your house isn’t well ventilated. Though Grand Junction isn’t terribly humid, if you have issues with home ventilation, consider getting a dehumidifier to make sure that you can take care of moisture quickly and effectively.

Tips to Prevent Water Damage and Mold Growth

Another simple chore you can do that can prevent mold, and even prevent water damage, is to clean your gutters. It’s not necessarily the most fun task there is, but it’s a lot more fun than having to try to remove mold from your attic or walls. The problem is that backed-up gutters can collect water. And when backed up water from gutters seeps into your roof or walls, it can not only do a lot of damage, but it can also encourage mold growth.

It’s also a good idea to go around your house after a storm to make sure that there’s no damage to your roof or gutters. If there is damage, it’s a good idea to make repairs as needed. And check out the inside of your home, too. If you see wet spots on your walls, you should take care of them immediately.

Remembering to disconnect your hoses is another way to prevent both water damage and mold growth. Especially as the weather gets colder, you should always disconnect your hoses. If the water in your hose freezes while it’s connected, it can cause your pipes to back up, or burst. When that happens, your house can flood. And when your house floods, it generates a lot of moisture. So, instead of trying to deal with both mold and water damage, it’s much easier to just disconnect your hoses.

Fix Leaks and Make Routine Inspections

This is an obvious tip, but worth noting. You should also fix any leaks you find around the house, right away. It’s never worth the risk to put off even a small leak, or small amount of water damage. Whether you have a leaky faucet, a leaky shower, or a leaky roof, it’s important that you get it fixed. Any of these can lead to mold growth if you’re not careful.

Performing routine inspections around your house is a great way to find out if you have leaky pipes or appliances. Attics and crawlspaces are prime areas to take a look, since they’re less-often used than other parts of your home. Be sure to check in the cabinets under your sinks, too. They often provide the perfect conditions for growth, since they’re dark, and can be damp. Plus, since they’re an area also not often utilized or inspected, it’s a spot many homeowners constantly forget to even check. Taking the time to look for potential areas of mold growth, and drying wet areas, is a great way that you can protect both your home and your family. It can save you a lot of time, money, and headaches by simply making regular rounds around the less-visited areas of your house, to check.

Got Mold?

Of course, it won’t always be possible to prevent mold growth. Even if you follow the tips we’ve given you, mold can find a way to grow. Things happen; we get it. That’s why we offer professional mold removal services. When mold shows up, or you don’t know what type of mold you’re working with, we can help. Mold is never something you want to handle on your own because it’s so hard to tell what kind of mold you’re dealing with, and how dangerous it may be for your health. So, get in touch with us. We’re always happy to help you.

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