• Mud damage.
  • Stains.
  • Mold.
  • Fire damage.
  • Extreme weather.

Stubborn Carpet & Upholstery Stain Removal Tips

From the utensils of kitchen counters to accessories in bedroom dressers, your home is open to a world of stains, marks, and mistakes from everyday life. But which stains are the most common problems, and how can you get rid of them? We investigated and found some popular at-home stain removal solutions you can use to wipe those stains away, clean up those carpets, and return your home to pristine condition.

Popular Household Stains & Removal Tips


The most searched for stain, and the one likely to give you the most trouble, is ink.

  • WD-40 is effective when cleaning up ink thanks to its potent mix of solvents and mineral spirits, meaning it can also cut through grease and grime.

Whether it’s a fountain pen leaking or a printer mishap, ink spots on your carpet can be particularly stubborn. Don’t be surprised if you need to repeat the stain removal process above to the remove the last of it.

How to remove ink stains illustration

Olive Oil

With olive oil as a staple in kitchens across the country, it’s all too common for a liberal splash to mark your stove or kitchen counter. It’s extremely important to deal with them before using any stained utensils or surfaces again. To reduce the risk of contamination when preparing food, use baking soda to absorb the worst of things and a mixture of dish soap, vinegar, and warm water to finish the stain off.

Infographic for removing olive oil stains

Permanent Mark

Permanent markers made their way onto our list of top stains thanks to the chemicals that make their ink so persistent.

  • These pens contain glyceride, pyrrolidone, and resin that makes their marks waterproof.
  • The acidity of vinegar can break down this protective layer, meaning white vinegar (the most acidic variety) is an important component of effective stain removal.

How to remove permanent marker stains in the home.


Minor cuts can happen anywhere in the home and require immediate attention. Once you’ve taken care of any injuries incurred, be on the lookout for blood stains on work surfaces and carpets that the injured party may have walked on before treating themselves. Just a small drop can turn into a stubborn stain with time, so combine cornstarch, salt, and hydrogen peroxide to disinfect and clean the area.

How to remove stubborn blood stains

Disclaimer: Some surfaces may react adversely to the suggested materials that are listed above. 1-800 WATER DAMAGE is not responsible for any damage incurred. Stains may persist past recommended cleaning time. To deal with long-lasting stains, we recommend contacting our team of carpet and upholstery cleaning experts.